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  • Generations Depend on Me

  • 130 Chiefs in The Village and Growing

  • Teams of Mentors For Each Group of Boys

  • A Variety of Career Examples

  • Happy, Peaceful, Respected and Respectful

  • Teaching By Example

  • Etiquette And Table Manners

  • Meeting Silverbacks From Other Schools and Other Parts of Town

  • We Must Believe in Them Before They Will Believe In Themselves

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 "It is easier to raise healthy children than to fix broken men", Frederick Douglass 


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The Silverback Society is a nonprofit organization that supports, trains and coordinates over 150 men who volunteer and are committed to making a positive impact on more than 600 boys and young men, currently in 20 schools and growing, in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast area. 

We do this by teaching respect, integrity, leadership and love, which results in reduction of disciplinary actions, higher academic achievement, and more productive young men.

Promoting responsible manhood by academic achievement since 2007