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Silverback Society News

Growing Pains But Our Schools Say Its Worth It!

New Orleans City Council 

We lost 100,000 over the next two years in grant money due to insufficient "public support". While we had raised money it was too much from large donors and foundations. We believed our significant donors were considered "public support", but IRS does not. Public support, for us are donations of $11,286 or less or funds from government or other "public" charities. To address our budget shortfall and to increase our "public" support we presented our situation to the New Orleans City Council as an "order of business" on Thursday June 23rd. Councilman Jason Williams who put us on the agenda and several other council persons have expressed chagrin at our dilemma and believe that our city wide work should be supported by an earmark in the City's budget.

We will keep you updated and thanks to all who came out to support us. You can still contact your city councilperson and encourage them to support this effort.

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Latest episode of the Silverback Society now available! 



The latest episode features our presentation before the N.O. City Council on June 23rd. Special thanks to our Board Chair Mr. D'Juan Hernandez, Lead Mentor Mr. Ron Wilkerson, Board Member Robert Riley and Ms. Kelly S. Batiste principal of Fannie C Williams for their participation in this very important presentation.    

As you know, Norman Robinson now hosts the show and airs at 7AM and 7PM each Tuesday on Cox 76 in New Orleans.

Norman Robinson has been a Silverback Society Speaker and Role Model for the last two years and has agreed to bring his consummate skills to the show as part of his commitment to the Silverback Society. To view the latest episode click image!

Welcome Two New Schools! 

We'd like to welcome our two new partner schools for the upcoming school year: Success Preparatory Academy and Einstein Charter School. We look forward to working with the hardworking administrators and great students this upcoming year.  





End of Year School Survey

SurveySaysAs part of our ongoing effort to improve our service to schools and young men, we invited schools to participate in a short survey to evaluate the impact of our mentoring program within their schools. While we are still tallying all the responses, the results thus far are impressive with 100% of those responding indicating that both "Cooperation with authority among Silverback Scholars" and the "Learning environment in classes with Silverback Scholars" had improved and 75% reported that "Overall campus culture" had improved.

We have also received very gratifying written feedback with one of our partner schools stating "The Silverback Society continues to have a positive impact on our 8th grade boys. The visits by various guest speakers definitely peaked their interest depending on various career interests. This (Silverback) experience for our boys stimulated their maturity and accountability. By the close of the program, our boys began to understand their important roles as growing young men"

Can we count on your support today?

You can help with our public support situation. Based on our first five years in operation, any donation we receive that is less than $11,286 will be considered "public Support" by the IRS. We are confident that we will be able to effectively triple such donations because our work is very attractive to foundations... if we have 1/3 in public support.

By making your tax-deductible gift today you are helping support our mentoring work in over 19 schools in New Orleans and one in Biloxi. You may be able to double your gift, if your employer offers a corporate matching gift program. You can find out by contacting your employer's human resources officer.  

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