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Silverback Society News

July Newsletter

 Co-founder's Corner

We can use your support. Although we really appreciate the love you expressed with dollars on GiveNOLA day and during the year, there is another way you can help us to help more young males in our community. We would like you to support us by helping us reach qualified men in your circle. Our ability to  grow and serve more boys at more schools depends more on the number of men who serve as volunteer Mentors and Speakers than any other factor.  We know there are African American men who want to make a difference who haven't heard about how the Silverback Society can support, coordinate and simplify their contribution of time. That's where you come in!

We just need you to "Like" us (or follow us), specifically  in your social media. If you do that you will be able to receive and then "Share" or "ReTweet" our posts, and we hope you would consider doing so, so men in your circle can learn about how they can get involved in this rewarding and so important work that we know will help make New Orleans become the peaceful and prosperous city we all want it to be.  We help boys vision themselves as well prepared, capable and responsible men and teach them how to do it. There are Links at the end of this newsletter that will get you to our pages. 

Often women who appreciate our work express a desire to help us and this would be such an important way, to commit to spreading the word. There is a link at the top of the news letter that will allow you to forward this to men who might want to get involved. The only qualifications are: 1. He must be able to pass a police background check, 2. He must be happy with what he has done and doing with his life.

Thank you
Lloyd Dennis

GiveNOLA Day was a success!

GiveNOLA Day is  a 24-hour event hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations in  the region. raises money for the community, brings new donors to local nonprofits, and shows that anyone can be a philanthropist.

This year 52, unique donors contributed a total of $19,210 in support of our mentors.  Your donations go directly to supporting the more than 130 men who freely volunteer their time to mentor young men!  




 Latest episode of Silverback Society News

In this episode Co-Founder and Executive Director, Lloyd Dennis gives a re-cap of our End of Year Celebrations which we hosted to honor our young men. The event not only gives the Boys a valuable opportunity to meet 8th Grade boys from other Silverbacks Schools, it teaches them that they are a part of a broad network of young men who have learned the Silverback Ways of respectful real manhood and will find other such young men to network with as they move on to high school and later in college. Also in this episode, Silverback Koby Sackey provides and up date on the Silverback Society App he is creating so that the Silverback Society Mentors and administration can continue to interact with our boys once they complete their training. CLICK IMAGE 



 2017 Cox Grants

The Silverback Society was approved for receipt of $7,000 in grant funds at the City Council meeting on June 22, 2017.  The funding results from a recommendation by Council-member's Ramsey, Brossett, Head, and Williams. We are grateful to elected officials who not only say they believe in our efforts but stake a claim in it by supporting our volunteers. 


 2017 Partner Schools Survey

We don't take it for granted that our work is having the impact that we believe it should. For the last two years we have asked our school partners about our impact in several areas. 
The possible responses to each item were:
- got much worse
- got a little worse
- no impact
- got a little better
- got much better

As you review the survey results will notice that the first two responses were never selected, so, at least we do no harm... But according to the people responsible for the education of our boys, things got better for the boys and their schools. Use the link below to see what our partner school indicated we helped to improve in our boys and for their schools.

If They Get To Know You

We are always looking for men who are looking for a way to make a difference that is compatible with his other commitments, men who  are willing to volunteer 16 to 20 hours a year in local schools as part of a team to mentor  and teach young men about responsible man hood. If you or someone you know is interested in learning how to join our mentoring movement, click the image and watch our 30 sec video. 


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