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Silverback Society News

2012-13 Was Good 2013-14 Bigger and Better

Now You Can Like Us On Facebook

The Silverback Society now has its own Facebook page. It is part of our ongoing effort to stay connected with our young men and hopefully it will be a place hwere they share their accomplishments and endeavors and communicate with us and one another. Please consider clicking the button (or link) above, and like our page.

New Time and Channel for the Silverback Society News TV Show
Due to a restructuring of New Orleans Access TV  the Silverback Society News TV Show has been moved:

Silverback Society News TV is now on Tuesdays at 7am and 7pm on Cox 76.
or online anytime by clicking here

85% Leap Success in 2013-2014
Out of ninety one boys we worked with last year at four schools only 13 had to retest for the leap for a slightly more than eighty five percent success rate among 2012-2013 Silverback Scholars. Next year we are going to use this information to encourage our 2013-2014 Silverback Scholars to surpass that mark by providing incentives to those who participate in toturing sessions.

We sincerely appreciate our volunteers and those dedicated, hard working educators and administrators who have embraced us as valued community partners and who make a way for us to motivate boys to better take advantage of the hard work being done at their schools on their behalf.

Silverback Society - Crescent City Links' Champions for Change

While I don't believe any of the men in the Silverback Society do what they do for honor or glory, it is nonetheless gratifying to feel the love that sometimes comes back from your community. So at their luncheon that will be held on Saturday, September 14, 2013 we are looking forward to receiving the Crescent City Links' honor as such an expression of love and high regard for the work these men do.

Seven Schools to Be Engaged in the 2013-2014 School Year

We are adding three new schools to the Silverback Society this year, for a total of seven. We are welcoming Lafayette, Green and Dibert to our mentoring effort, and we are sure that the new eight graders at Craig, Harney, Ashe and Fischer are eagerly awaiting their turn to be Silverback Scholars and enjoy a year of manhood training and leadership from our Mentors as well as our signature events. Approximately 200 boys will be engaged this year doubling our impact from 2012 - 2013. Our recruiting effort is bringing in some outstanding new achievers, a common characteristic of the men involved in this effort, every one of them a leader in his own right.

Not a week goes by when I don't get a request from a parent or grandparent for their son to join our program. It hurts to have to explain that we only worked in a few schools, but I am feeling better about the near future as we are embraced by more savy educators who understand the power in little boys seeing and being positvely engaged with sucessful men with whom they can identify. As we tell them "If we did it, what's wrong with you?"

Now I will advise interested parents to get their boy into one of our schools before eight grade so he can benefit from the Silverback Society training and experience.

Click here for contact information to participating schools for 2013-2014

New - Lesson 7 – Civic Duty
Over the Summer we have engaged each Mentor from last year for his evaluation of his experience and any improvements we might make to the program. One recurring theme was the idea that since we have come to make a difference in their lives, that our boys should look forward to making a difference in their communities as they take their places as successful men. So we are designing a seventh lesson plan that will deal with exactly that, have them look forward and imagine the kinds of things they might want to do in and for community. We will not do this lesson following the sixth lesson because that first six weeks being cooped up with us in a class is about all we feel comfortable to ask, so we will delay this lesson until almost the end, when the respect and trust are well established. I think it is going to be powerful session.

No Gangs
In conversation with an intersted person, I was asked how we deal with the "gang" problem. That person was surprised and I was amused by my own response. You see we have never encountered a "gang" problem in the Silverback Society. Our approach puts all the boys in eigtht grade into the same positive organization that respects them, does things for them, and advocates for them when they feel misunderstood or like they were not treated fairly. In almost seven years the topic has never come up. I guess that when grown men step up and show up they don't need a gang.