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Silverback Society News

Not Too Late To Participate

It has become apparent to us that there are qualified men in the community who have it in their hearts to become part of a solution for boys who need positive male leadership, but who just couldn't make it to our October 16th 2013 Gathering of the Silverback Society at LeMusee. Well its still not too late to join our effort. Our work in the schools begins the week after Thanksgiving, so there is still time to sign up to work with a Silverback Society mentoring team at one of our seven partner schools this year.

We also want you to know that our program is designed to be feasible for the kind of busy, sucessful men who are the best examples of personal achievement and personal responsibility our community has to offer, and who may have children of their own (we never use a man's family time).

Some important features of the Silverback Society mentor commitment

  • Low stress but highly effective team mentoring (no one on one responsibility)
  • Only 20 - 22 one hour sessions per year with 4 or 5 men per school (5.5 months)
  • In school sessions - No weekend, evening or Summer sessions
  • Online curriculum provided and new men train with experienced leaders
  • Funding is provided for all field trips,and supplies

Our Work was featured in the New Orleans TribuneClick Here to Read, and and "Breaking The Cycle of Poverty" is a 12 minute video that communicates the impact of our work.Click Here to View


We understand that our men are already stepping above personal responsibility and accepting responsibility in the village, so in addition to the above, our policy is "we will not ask one more thing" of our men, except perhaps to represent us at a public event once in a while.We will not share your contact information with other agencies or organizations.


We do however, for the safety of our boys, ask that our volunteers allow us to process a criminal background check and provide two references. To that end I have attached two forms which can be completed and faxed or scanned and emailed back to me. My Fax number is 866-370-9153 my email address isThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. My fax account and email are both secured by password and your sensitive information will only be viewed by me. I have no staff involved in this process and I do not retain a copy of the background check authorization which is mailed directly to and retained by the state police. I will call you and send you our Mentoring Handbook once I receive your information.

So, if you are a man who feels good about what you have been able accomplish so far in your life for yourself or your family, please consider helping make this city a better place for us all by adding your leadership to the development of our future, the next generation of men.

Perhaps you cannot participate as a mentor in the Silverback Society, but still know the critical importance of this work to the future peace and prosperity of New Orleans. As noted above, Silverback Society, Inc provides coordination and for all the financial requirements around these volunteer's work with our boys.

So what part can you play in this?
Use this link to donate and support our work!


or checks can be mailed to: 401 Park Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70114

(If this message was forwarded to you the attachments may not be attached. Email me at the above email address and let me know you want to apply.)