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Silverback Society News

Featured in and Gathering 2013 Supported by The New Orleans Tribune

The Silverback Society made the cover of The New Orleans Tribune. 
We are the cover feature in the latest issue of the New Orleans Tribune that calls attention to our work as well as the work of the Peace Keepers and the Son of A Saint Foundation. Click the photo to see the issue online

The 2013 Silverback Society Gathering Was A Complete Success
Not only were we the beneficiaries of this great honor and exposure, but our 2013 Silverback Society Gathering was completely sponsored at Le Musee de F.P.C. by Beverly McKenna  and the New Orleans Tribune, a tremendous contribution of time and resources that created a really magnificient event for our new and veteran volunteers. It was an event truly worthy of these chiefs who have accepted their roles in the village.

We would also like to acknowledge our friends in the media who always help us spread the word about the need for men from the community to step up if we want a better community and city.


Asia Rainey set the tone with her "For Those with Eyes to See Them" piece that she says we inspired. Click Here to read the poem

Men in the community responded to our call. Many of them expressed, "It was that time in my life, time for me to make a difference." Thanks to them stepping up, we will have more than enough volunteers to fully man our seven campuses this year. This is a group of men who gathered for a pure cause. There was a powerful vibe in that room, a sense of unified strength and a sense of purpose and yes, destiny. We are the solution.

We demonstrate the "life line" lesson for the new guys. This is our simple, yet powerful visual aid that helps young people realize how long they will either benefit or suffer from how they deal with their education.

Our $5000 Challenge is well on its way.
Stephen Rosenthal is the guy who is donating $5000 and will donate another $5000 if we can raise $5000 to match his first donation.... and people are beginning to respond.

Ukali Mwendo donated $567.89 on our website by using the button below.

Another gentleman has set up a $25/month automatic donation on paypal and

After I volunteered to emcee their event, the Friends of Joe Brown Park donated $200.

We're almost one down and four to go