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Silverback Society News

January Newsletter


Training our Speakers 

On the morning of Saturday, December 17 the Silverback Society conducted a short but intense training and preparation session for men who will serve as Speaker Role Models for the Silverback Society this school term.


Speaker Role Models are proof of our boys' possibilities. Every successful person can remember the day and the person that made them think, "That's what I want to be like." Our Speakers provide that opportunity... with their stories.


Norman Robinson is a committed Silverback Society Speaker Role Model and has accepted the critical role of recruiting and helping new speakers craft their presentations so they will maximize their impact on the boys who hear them.




Community Service Award

We, the staff, board and volunteers of the Silverback Society are grateful to the men of the Sigma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity for the honor of this award they presented at their Founders Week Scholarship Gala.


We also wish to recognize Eugene Green , Vance Vaucresson and Howard Rodgers Jr, three outstanding members of this chapter for their ongoing commitment and service as volunteer Mentors in our mentoring movement. We also congratulate the chapter for choosing their venue, food and entertainment in a way that bolsters our community's institutions, economics and employment opportunities..




Silverback Society App Is Coming

From the beginning we have struggled with finding ways to stay in contact with our boys as the moved on through high school and beyond. We have urged them to register on the web site, raffling off gift cards to those who did. We've handed out membership cards with explicit instructions for registering, and we put a place on their pledge forms to get their phone numbers. None of these efforts have been very fruitful.


Then Koby Sackey, Mentor since 2013, invited me to catch up over coffee. As soon as we sat down I knew I was seated across from a solution. Koby's company builds Apps! The minute I begin to ask about the possibility of an app, using these logins, that would allow us to communicate with our boys and vice versa, he was all in. This is huge!


The possibilities are amazing because unlike other methods we've tried in the past, the app can notify them with an alarm when we send them info about opportunities and also opens possibilities for bringing them together. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!



View the Silverback Society TV Show



Check out our latest episode of the Silverback Society TV Show! This show features highlights from Silverback Society Gathering 2016 and contains information about how men can still get involved in our Mentoring movement. Click image 




Our Supporters Matter

We'd like to take a moment to thank The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Institute of Mental Hygiene, Entergy New Orleans, Greater New Orleans Foundation, TEGNA Foundation, Cox Communications, The New Orleans City Council  and the many individual donors that supported us in 2016.