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Silverback Society News

Come Make A Difference With Us

Over 100 men who want to make a difference
found a way to make that difference
and it fits into their lives

On Tuesday October 25th at 6 PM we will hold our Annual Silverback Gathering where new volunteers come together with our veterans to learn what we do and how and why we do it. If you want to make a difference we can help you have an impact on future generations working with an experienced team in a well respected program with an established success record... and we make it simple, by providing all the materials, lessons, training, coordination and support.

All you have to do is show up and care. And due to our team approach, when life happens once or twice, the rest of your team is still there. If you are interested but want more info go to click "Join"  and then click "Become a Mentor" or "Enroll as a Speaker. If you are ready to get involved now  Click Here. Once we have your contact information we will send you an invitation and more details about the event.

Albert Miller
Alvin Harrison
Austin Penny
Bennie Moore
Bernard Williamson
Bill Rouselle
Blayne Bondy
Bob Reily
Brian Turner
Carl D. Clark
Charles Easterling
Charles Kennedy
Charles Rice
Charles Rice Sr
Christopher Williams
Claude E. Wilkerson
Cleveland Spears III
Clinton Smith
Colin Brooks
Cornell Manuel
Craig Stewart
Cyril Saulny
D'Juan Hernandez
Damon Singleton
Dante Bidwell
Darrell Johnson
Darren Lombard
Darren Vinnett
Darryl G Brown
David Bocage
David Durand
David Williams
Davis Borne
Dexter Joseph
Dimitros Argieard
Dion Dukes
Dow Edwards
Dr Eric Anthony Johnson
Dwayne Steele
Edmond Cagnolatti
Edward Hogan
Edwin Shorty Jr.
Eli St. Julien
Ethan Ashley
Eugene Green
Frank Martin
Freddie King III
Gary Williams
Greg Rattler Jr
Greg St. Julien
Gregory Rattler Sr.
Happy Johnson
Harold Clark
Harry Cantrell
Howard Rodgers
James Hatchett
James Moffett, III
James Stubbs
Jarred Matthews
Jay Waiters
Jerome Medley
Jerry Peterson
Jimmie Woods
Joe Gould
John Baker
John S. Williams
Joshua Holland
Keith Ferdinand
Keith Pittman
Ken Frick
Kendric Perkins
Kenneth K. Lewis Jr.
Kermit Francis
Kevin Ealy
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Mclin
Kevin Williams
Larry Hammond
Lasana Cambrice
Leon Waters
Lloyd Dennis
Malcolm Armstrong
Mance Davis
Marcel McGee
Marvin Chapman
Morris Warner
Mtumishi S. Julien
Nolan Marshall
Norman Robinson
Oswald M. Cooper
Preston Favorite
Renold Scott
Reuben DeTiege
Richard Briscoe
Robert Arties Jr
Ronald McClain
Ronald Wilkerson
Roy Rodney
Royce Duplessis
Samuel Washington
Sean Bruno
Shaun Talbott
Steven Jupiter
Steven St. Martin
Terry Hardy
Terry Newton
Timothy Ray
Tod Smith
Troy Lacabe
Trupania Bonner
Vance Vaucresson
Vaughn Matthews
Wayne Ray Sr.
Wendell Smith
William E. Senor
Ymine Joseph Leon
No after hours, holiday or weekend volunteering is involved