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Silverback Society News

Gathering of the Silverbacks 2010

On Friday, October 29th at 6:00pm there will be a meeting of solutions at ASHÉ Cultural Arts Center, 1712 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard.  No, that is not a typo or an incomplete sentence. Not a meeting about solutions, not a meeting to discuss problems, but just as I wrote, a meeting of solutions.
Once each year we gather the Silverback Society®, men and boys who choose to be solutions in our community. Next time you walk in front of a mirror, please look closely, for if you are a responsible father or grandfather, a man who has developed himself enough to be a benefit to children, you are a living, breathing, walking and talking solution for boys who look like you and who need to know your story before they are able write their own... and all you have to do is show up!
There is no better solution than you. It is easier for you than anyone else because when you tell your story, little boys who look like you and who may have started life in a similar place as you automatically identify with you and will more often than not visualize themselves on whatever path you describe as you paint a picture of your upcoming.
Little boys get lost on the twisting path of life with so many forks in the road with few or no signals or signs except ones that point in the wrong directions. Men like you are the very signs of hope they need to believe in themselves, and your acceptance and approval of our little boys helps them to see themselves differently, positively, destined to be as powerful as you, a man who makes life better for the children they will lead… following your example, because after experiencing you what else could they do.
I am also so thrilled that after three years and the loss of co-founder Arthur Wardsworth, the Silverback Society® is four men strong and you no longer have to take just my word about the powerful force group mentoring can be in the life of little boys as well as in the lives of the men who provide leadership for little boys.
If you are in New Orleans, please watch Crescent City Live at 7:AM and 7:PM Mondays on NOATV, Cox-8. You can watch it anytime online at Just select TV SHOW when you get there and play Episode 3 and you will experience commentaries by Dr, Dwayne Steele and D’Juan Hernandez in which they share their perspectives on their involvement with the Silverback Society®. This movement is not about me, even though I’m very tenacious about the principals and processes that Pastor and I and the boys figured out over the first two years of involvement.
If you can find from one to twenty hours (max) we can put it to work in a very natural and powerful way leading little boys to their destiny as someone like you. And yes, this is your destiny, as an elder in the village leading the next generation. Please come and see how you can fit in, and when you do, you will know better who you are and how you fit in His master plan as an elder of the village.